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Researcher in the Bison Hillock

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Bison Hillock Student Researchers
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Field research in bison rewilding

The Southern Carpathians are home to an ambitious bison rewilding initiative implemented by WWF and Rewilding Europe. We are still at the start of a long term nature conservation project which aims to build up a viable free roaming bison population and preserve Europe’s last wilderness stronghold. Field research is vital to better understand and value wilderness areas so we reach out to students, experts or research institutions to join us in the Bison Hillock and Bison Glade rewilding sites.

1. Our focus: research goals, methods, equipment

Have a look below or download our research priorities and get in touch if you wish to apply for an intership, conduct a study or propose multi-disciplinary research linked with bison rewilding and wilderness.

2. Our facilities: field research station in the Bison Hillock

The Bison Hillock research station is located in Feneș village, Armeniș comune, Caraș-Severin county, Romania and operated by WWF and the local Bison Hillock Association. Services that facilitate your stay in the bison rewilding areas are provided by the local communities hosting this initiative. Your stay is employing and engaging locals, the gatekeepers of natural, wild areas in the Carpathian Mountains.
More info about the location and operation of our research station is available in the welcome pack bellow or downloadable here.

3. Join us: intern or research partner

We welcome applications for internships all year round, but our research station is only open from April - October (coinciding with the vegetation season). We are limited to accomodating 5 people in our facilities but can also recommend home-stays if you prefer.
As a student or intern, please complete our application form:
  • in English » here
  • in Romanian » here
If you have any ideas and wish to join forces as a research institution, university, multidisciplinary team, innovator or entepreneur

Thank you for your interest in helping nature thrive.

If you want to pay us a visit and experience nature conservation as a guest, check out our ecotourism offer here:

Our rewilding and community development work in the Southern Carpathians is made possible with the support of Switzerland though its contribution to the enlarged EU, the support of the European Union though its Life Programme and many national and international partners. You can read more about our projects here:


“Wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have yet learned to ask.” 
Nancy Wynne Newhall

Find out about WWF & Rewilding Europe's bison rewilding initiative

Field Journal: Ranger in the Bison Hillock

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