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Encounter a wilder nature in the Bison Hillock

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Iconic wildlife is coming back to the heart of the Carpathian Mountains. Bison have disappeared from the wild in Romania 200 years ago, but WWF, Rewilding Europe and the Bison Hillock Association (AMZA) are working together to bring them back in the Țarcu Mountains, with financial support from the EU through its LIFE Programme. The European bison is an umbrella species, a missing link in the trophic chain, with a real impact on maintaining ecological processes that are specific to wilderness areas. Visit the Bison Hillock to find out more about these animals that used to roam freely in forests across Europe and are now rarer than the black rhinos. We recommend that you experience nature conservation at its grass roots, by booking a guided tour to the Bison Hillock. Our local partners, AMZA, the community association in Armeniș, Romania have put together a great ecotourism experience. Here is what's you can do:

2 day immersive wilderness experience

Track wild bison & spend the night in the wild


Armeniș, Caraș-Severin, Romania

What will you experience?

  • See the bison’s importance to the ecosystem, guided by the local bison rewilding team and experienced nature guides
  • Learn how to interpret and identify the actors of flora and fauna on the stage of the Romanian wilderness and get a taste of the traditional lifestyle in the Southern Carpathians. 
  • Tented camp experience. Sleep in the wild, listen in on nature and nourish yourself with a campfire breakfast and dinner.

Day 1:

  • Arrival at Visitor’s Center after 12:00pm in Armenis and meet with wilderness guide; Depart to Plopu with own transport and guide (4x4 transport can be arranged  if needed)
  • Pick up local Food Pack for the two nights in the Tented Camp.
  • Arrival in Plopu and walk to Camp; Drop unnecessary equipment for the afternoon activity exploring area by foot (2-3 hours)
  • Campfire dinner and overnight in safari-style tents

Day 2:

  • Early wake up to campfire breakfast and coffee/tea; Morning activity tracking wild bison and exploring area (3-4 hours)
  • Lunch break and recharge batteries during hot hours of day
  • Afternoon activity tracking wild bison (3-4 hours)
  • Campfire dinner and overnight in safari-style tents

Book your trip:

We recommend you get in touch with the team before planning your trip, we'd love to customize the experience to your needs.
How much does the 2 days & nights experience cost?
€100 - €150 per person sharing, depending on your choice or accomodation and group size.

Group size
preferred: 2-4 / maximal: 8 / minimum: 1 (however single guided trips cost a bit more considering standard transport and guiding costs).

The visiting season runs from the begining of April until the end of September. We recommend you email the team to see if we can organise somthing outside of the standard visiting season (this will depend very much on the weather). 

A message from the host:

This experience is coordinated by a small start-up and a network of locals, with support from the WWF team and our friends at the European Safari Company. Your visit is employing and engaging members of the local community, while you learn about the beauties and challenges of nature conservation.

By visiting us you play a direct role in helping nature thrive in the Southern Carpathians! When you leave, your experiences and stories will travel further than any flyer we can make.
The Bison Hillock Association (AMZA)

Field Journal: Ranger in the Bison Hillock

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